Mary Anne and Monty Pops moved into a small community in northern Los Angeles hoping to find peace and tranquility in their later years. The small, mobile home park was a real community with picnics, games, and a neighborhood magazine. Then one night, the worst wildfire in the history of Los Angeles tore through the adjacent Angeles National Forest, driving them out of their home, and burning everything they owned.

BURNED OUT follows Mary Anne and Monty from the day after the fire for three years, seeing the challenges they face in rebuilding their lives. Lucky enough to find temporary housing that their insurance covers, the couple tries to decide if they should move back into their community that is set to rebuild rapidly or if they should find a safer place. Monty is haunted by the sound of fire engines. Mary Anne runs on adrenaline, trying to keep life as normal as possible in the face of their loss. Their friends try to help them, but there is no way to replace what is lost. The couple leans on each other hard as they face the trauma of the fire.


Sabrina McCormick

Director of Photography
Sabrina McCormick

Emiliano Ruprah

Film Festival 2014