Hundreds of litigants across the United States have gone to court over climate change. But, who will win? As the political system becomes increasingly frozen, the earth gets hotter, driving drought, starvation, shifting jet streams, and species extinction. Can the fight over climate change be won in the courts? Or, is it a waste of precious time?

CLIMATE COURT is being developed as a feature-length documentary film. The stories will show novel tactics used in the fight over climate change and how the most important policy in America is being made in a place few have looked at - the courts. The film will be based on interviews with the nation’s leading legal experts, the litigants themselves, and in cases that are on-going, follow the day-to-day action of these struggles. The film production and distribution will be accompanied by a social media campaign that engages the millions of Americans who support the organizations central to these legal battles. 


Sabrina McCormick